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Julie Bullock
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Hey there - welcome!  It's my hope that you're reading this because you follow the "FMD Jams & More", Facebook page and wanted to know what I've got in store for July.  (That being said, if you DON'T follow the "FMD Jams & More" page on Facebook, I think you really should because what if you hadn't known about my having a promotional idea at all?!  Yeah, I know .... ok so go find the page, like it, follow it and then come back.  The rest of us will wait.)
Ok so - welcome back.  Where was I?  OH - July.  That's right - I'm here to tell you about what is going on at FMD HQ. July is when we work with the team to get their fundraising juices going.

So here's an idea .... You may have noticed we have some corporate names on the donation list.  If you have a company or business that you want to ask to support your walk, drop me a note and I will work with you to get things in place for you.  And you know why that's important?  Because if a business or company agrees to donate, the dollar amount they pledge will go into your fundraising total.

That's a really quick way to get to ... or to exceed your ... fundraising goal!

Look – I TOLD you already but here it is again:  2017 is the year of Yes.
THIS is Frankly, My Dear ... and we use homemade goods (and work with terrific people) to do great things.

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