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Julie Bullock
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Hey there - welcome!  It's my hope that you're reading this because you follow the "FMD Jams & More" Facebook page and wanted to know what"s cooking ... so to speak.  Now before I reveal the next FMD event, do me a flavor .... oops - i mean favor ... go like and follow the "FMD Jams & More" page on Facebook.  I'll wait right here.
Ok so - we are about 6 weeks before the race.  Motivation may need a boost so let's talk about things we know are good on their own that are made even better when put together.  Milk and chocolate ... fruit and rum ... eggs and bacon ... pie and ice cream.

Oh - geez now I want pie and ice cream.  You know - there isn't much in this world that can top pie and ice cream ............ BUT ok so sure - you want me to name what *is* better?  Fair 'nuf.

October 5th
why are you still reading here.  I mean ... you said you liked the "FMD Jams & More" page on Facebook so why would I give details here?

As I've already said no matter the setbacks or hurdles - 2017 is the year of Yes.
THIS is Frankly, My Dear ... and we use homemade goods (and work with terrific people) to do great things.

Well ... It is nearly time to unplug for the night.

 I have to admit… 2017 has not been my best year healthwise. It's been my best year in lots of other ways though-this will be the largest team to date ... and clearly this is a new personal high for fundraising both as an individual and team - though I can't claim credit for that and I won't. My husband ...  he is rather amazing.

Many of you may have seen hints in some of my posts during the summer months but suffice to say Parkinson's disease handed me my ass this year. It reared its ugly head in a dramatic fashion and was an uninvited guest who stayed all summer.  After spending months (no exaggeration) in physical therapy to essentially learn how to walk again, it is clear to me more than ever that this grass roots, help yourself so you can help others, "nonessential" support group is not just necessary but welcome. 

Most of the people I will talk with tomorrow will nod their heads as they remember the first time Parkinson's snuck into their lives and stole something. That's strangely comforting. This disease can make you feel quite alone and knowing that others have gone through if not the same journey but one similar ... it just helps.

 I am sharing this because tomorrow will be the first year I probably won't walk the 5k myself. That's not easy to write. It's unpleasant to read. But I have more than a dozen people who will walk for me.  I am indebted to them.  And to my husband who won't allow Parkinson's Disease to steal from me again.

 So… Let's do this. 

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