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Aliya Reich
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Hello, and welcome to my Pacing for Parkinson’s fundraising page!

As you may already know, in 2015 and 2016 I had the incredible experience of training for and running my first two half marathons as part of the Pacing for Parkinson’s charity team at the Baltimore Running Festival. It was a wholly moving, humbling, and transformative experience that turned me into a genuine running nut and humbled me with the donations and love sent to P4P in support of my training from all over the country.
Over those two years, my friends and family donated an incredible $6,174.13 to P4P for research and educational programs on Parkinson’s Disease. When combined with the donations from 2014, when I ran the 5k with P4P, that number jumps to an amazing $7,405.13. I continue to feel sincerely grateful when I think about the experience I’ve had with P4P over the last three years, both for the amazing generosity demonstrated by so many people and for the unexpected and profound love of running that has blossomed in me.
Given all of that, why not do it again in 2017?!
So, on October 21, I will be running the half marathon in the Baltimore Running Festival for a THIRD time – and this year, I’m adding the 5k on the same morning, too, to become a true Balti-MORON! - and am proud to be a part of the Pacing for Parkinson’s team for a fourth year in 2017. I have also rejoined the P4P organizing committee, this year serving as co-chair. I’ll be helping with runner registration, I’ll promote the team through social media and events, and I’ll assist in coordination of race-day logistics, and everything else in between.
You may be thinking that this is a lot of investment. And, well, it is! But why?

As you likely already know, my family has struggled to cope with the effects of Parkinson’s Disease for much of the last two decades. Both of my grandfathers were diagnosed with PD many years before they passed away in 2004 and 2010, and my courageous, resilient mother has demonstrated incredible strength throughout her struggle to cope with PD since she was diagnosed in 2007. As a result, we know all too well the difficult effects of Parkinson's Disease on patients’ and their families’ lives.

Because I believe no family should have to go through this, and because I remain optimistic that a cure for Parkinson’s Disease can be found, I am asking you to help me raise $3,595 for Parkinson’s research at Johns Hopkins University, to bring my fundraising grand total to $11,000 over four years. I hope you can help me reach this goal!

If you donate, where will your money go? When I give to a cause, I always want to know the answer to that question. The funds raised by P4P support Johns Hopkins Medicine and the JHU Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center efforts to improve patient care, advance research, and expand outreach and education programs. In addition to the various Parkinson's research studies at Hopkins that this money has helped support, the community educational series begun last fall with the funds raised by past Pacing for Parkinson's fundraising efforts will continue. More information about where your money goes can be found here.

Your contribution not only will help researchers working to find a cure and those developing programs to improve the quality of life for Baltimore-area PD patients, but it will be very meaningful to me personally, and to my family. I have purchased my own entry into the race, so anything you donate will go straight to the organization to fund the research and programs detailed above. Please give as little or as much as you are able to give; every dime will be put to good use and will be appreciated sincerely.

Your emotional support over the years has been crucial in helping us remain strong and positive through difficult times, so thank you, truly. And, thank you very much for your financial support now.


Learn more about Parkinson's Disease.
Learn more about Pacing for Parkinson’s.
Learn more about PD at Johns Hopkins.
Learn more about the Baltimore Running Festival.


After the 2016 Half Marathon!
After the 2016 Half Marathon!

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"SO in awe of you Aliya! Have a wonderful run for such a wonderful cause."
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"peace in every step"
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"I'm proud of you, Aliya! Thanks for your hard work. My Opa suffers from this disease as well–here's hoping your work will get us closer to a cure."
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