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Paul DeLuca
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Team DeLuca
Team DeLuca
Year #9 of Pacing for Parkinson’s is in full swing, and we’re gearing up for what will be another great race day on October 21st.   Once again our DeLuca family is running in and helping with the event.    I stepped down as Chairman two years ago but still serve as the coordinator of all race day activities, which include the best charity tent in the race village.
I still can’t believe this is the 9th year and we’ve raised almost $750,000 for the JHU Neurology Department and the Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorder (PDMD) Center.  We have consistently been one of the largest Charity Partners at the annual Baltimore Running Festival.   We’ve have team members running the Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5k.
Of course, many of you who have supported us over the years do so because you knew our father, Gene DeLuca.  I get asked many times why, over 12 years after his passing, do we stay involved in Pacing for Parkinson’s.  Here’s my list J
  1. Dad, Gene, Grampa, Crash, Doc – an inspiration to us all when it comes to the importance of physical fitness and activity.  I tell many people that my father took a Phys Ed degree farther than anyone I’ve ever known.  Getting his doctorate from Columbia, committing his career to the development of the standard for a Parks and Recreation Management degree, and keeping his kids involved in as many sports as possible.
  2. Parkinson’s Patients and their Families – what an inspiration.  As my father did for 23 years and I see these families do every day, it’s all about commitment to movement.  Do anything, as much as you can, and battle to sustain your quality of life.  Never give up!  And our race day is a testament to that commitment when we gather as a community and push those dopamine’s through our body! 
  3. Race Day – give everything of yourself and expect nothing in return.   That’s how I feel about race day, and I walk away every year hoping that somehow I was able to help a Parkinson’s patient and their family enjoy the day and feel a sense that they’ve defeated their disease, if only for 3.2 miles!    

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