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Giulia Elli
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List of people who wants to know every time I go for a run:
List of people who wants to know every time I go for a run: <'blank'>
Pacing 4 Parkinsons 5k fundraise
Let's stop Giulia's posts about her runs!

I run trhough clouds of colored powder.
I run at night.
I run on in O'ahu.
I abitually run to escape hordes of zombies

And you know about all of them, as it's years I clutter your Facebook feed with crap about my runs.

This time, though, I run to raise some money for the Pacing 4 Parkinsons 5k
So yes, for once I've a good reason to run, and tell you about it.
Every contribution, even small ones, will make a huge impact.

Tired of reading about my runs? 
Great! This is your chance to stop me from bugging you (and everyone else) with my run logs.

For every $1 donated, I won't share anything about my runs for one day.
I'll restrain myself from posting maps, pictures, average pace, etc. on social media.

Can you make it a month? A semester? A year? 
After the race, I'll let you know how long your grace period will last.


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Marina Bedny Amount: $ 20 Date Received: 10/15/2017