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Julie Bullock
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April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month!  And if you are visiting this site, it’s my hope that you’re aware.
So – there are a few events coming up VERY soon.  I hope that you take the time to get to know who the other folks are not just on this little corner of the P4P page.  But if ya’ take a moment to look around. … what you MAY notice is that there are lots of individuals.  Of various ages.  And if you want to be either a part of this team, or even if you want to know what we fundraise for – please click on the button ^^up there^^that reads “Send FMD & Friends a message”

I would rather answer your question about why I fundraise than just to have you wonder if you want to be involved.  The simple truth is I fundraise because I’m able to and that the funds that we raise that go towards the various support programs and education and training really are the most effective way I have to learn how to be a responsible patient.   Yeah- you read that right.  I have a lot at stake, for sure but I need to be an active participant in my being part of my own care.  It’s a full-time job – and I fundraise today with the hope of having a restful retirement.

So please click on the button.  As for  the events, take a moment  to visit the calendar - I've even linked it here for you.

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