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Genevieve Coyle
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Sandy Swink with her granddaughter, Finley.
Sandy Swink with her granddaughter, Finley.
Thank you so much for visiting my P4P page and supporting this wondering team that I am so honored to be a part of. Pacing for Parkinson’s raises awareness of and funds for Parkinson’s disease (PD) research, community outreach, education, and patient care at Johns Hopkins. Below you can read more about what motivates me, and why being a part of this team is so important to me!

My grandmother was an amazing woman, and anyone who met her can attest to that. Sandy Swink led a very full life, and I cannot even begin to write about her here. She loved all of her family so fiercely and knew just how to show it. She was constantly thinking of other people. Whether it was sewing intricate Halloween costumes year after year, or making tons of candy each Christmas, she loved putting all her effort into creating things for her loved ones. Sandy spent her life providing for others, and she inspired me every day of her life to do the same. 

Sandy had fairly manageable symptoms for a long time, but the disease eventually took its toll. Her symptoms advanced quickly after a long lull. There were bad days, but for the most part, she put on a brave face. She continued to be there for her family, and held on to what made her Sandy Swink. 

From her nursing home bed, a few weeks before her passing, I watched as she tickled the feet of her great-granddaughter. Even in her pain, she took joy in making others happy. I continue to look for ways to help others, and being part of Pacing for Parkinson's is my way of channeling her. 

I officially started my training for my first marathon in late June 2017. I had told my grandma about joining Pacing for Parkinson’s and that her strength inspired me to push through difficulties. A few weeks before she passed, we spoke on the phone and despite all that she was going through, and all the discomfort she was feeling, she still thought to ask how my running was going. 

As her health started to decline, and it was clear her time was growing short, it became important to me that my grandma was alive during my first training run. I chose to run the race for her, and I knew it would mean something to me if she was still here when I officially began my journey. She was alive as I ran those first 3 miles and I spent most of my run thinking of how much I love her and why I was running for her. She passed away just 24 hours after that run. 

Her strength continues to propel me forward, in any challenge I meet. And her kindness and love inspire me to show the same compassion for others. Sandy was a beautiful soul, and her spirit lives on in each one of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

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David Coyle Date Received: 10/27/2018
"Have fun Genny. Great way to honor Sandy."
GEORGE COYLE Date Received: 10/20/2018
"Great that you're keeping with it Gen GOOD LUCK"
Jim & Linda Coyle Date Received: 10/19/2018
"Run Strong, Genny!"
Barb Nangle Date Received: 10/19/2018
"Thank you for doing this Genny. I make this donation both for Sandy, and for my father who died earlier this year from complications related to Parkinson's Disease. Though he and I were estranged at the time, I still want to honor him."
George And Yvonne Coyle Date Received: 10/14/2018
"So proud of you for doing this Gen!"