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Maryjo Sullivan
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Kathy Hobart was a teacher of mine while at IND.  My IND days were long ago, but I have kept in contact with Kathy through mutual friends.  I have admired her and her husband Hobie’s strength in dealing with the challenges of his Parkinson’s and their determination in improving the lives of others facing the same diagnosis.  I had often told Kathy that I would join their team one day and participate in the Baltimore Running Festival 5k.  Well, this is the year!
Four years ago I trained for my first ever 5k after having recently faced some health issues.  It was my way to feel like I had control over something in my life. This year with an unexpected job elimination, I once again found myself facing something out of my control.  I needed to feel like I could accomplish something, so I started running again.  I’m not fast and recently my longest distance of consecutive running has only been 2 miles, but it is 2 miles of me doing something on my own terms.  I see no better way to achieve a positive accomplishment than to help fundraise for a worthwhile cause.
I’ll be running the 5k on October 20 in my own neighborhood, but I promise you that I will actually be running (with maybe a little bit of walking).  My goal is to raise $100 for Pacing for Parkinson’s so that its strong P4P community can continue to find ways to educate and bring awareness to the disease.  I hope you can help me reach that goal.
Thank you!

“Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like an accomplishment.”  
      ~Thomas Carlyle

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