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Jenna Scott
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I love running and anything fitness related.  I was so excited to discover Pacing for Parkinson's on the Baltimore Running Festival website in 2013.  My Granny had Parkinson's at the time and it was an amazing way to feel like I was making a differnce in the Parkinson's community and to have the chance to connect with other supportive people who were in a similar position to myself.  There are so many exercise programs for people with Parkinson's that I have learned about while running for P4P that I did not know about while my Granny was battling Parkinson's.  My hope in running for P4P is to raise awareness and education on Parkinson's so that families and indivduals never feel like they are handling this alone.  When I feel tired or fatigued during runs, I think of my Granny and all of the other people with Parkinson's now and it motivates me to never give up and to run even hareder.  I am also extremely grateful this to be spending another year as an active member on the P4P commitee, in addition to running the half marathon.

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"Jenna, Wish you all the best for Saturday’s run. Thanks for running for a great cause. Love you! Mom & Kirk"
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"Good luck Jenna!!!"
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"Good vibes, fast vibes! "
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Joe And Lynn Grossman Amount: $ 30 Date Received: 10/7/2018
"Thank you Jenna for running in Granny Bea’s honor and memory and for running for such a very good cause. Best wishes for a good run! Love you! 💗 Aunt Lynn and Uncle Joe"
Patricia Jonas Amount: $ 300 Date Received: 09/24/2018
"Wishing you a strong race!!!"