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Barbie Steinfelder
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Doing a headstand. Wow!
Doing a headstand. Wow!
Hi friends and family!

On October 21, I will be walking 5k in Pacing for Parkinson's. Being diagnosed with this horrific disease is devastating.  Parkinson's affects close to one million people in the US. It is a chronic progressive disease and there is no cure.  It is a movement disorder that worsens over time!

As my doctor put it when I was diagnosed in 2014; it's like maestro didn't show up for the orchestra. The orchestra is the chemical dopamine, the chemical that controls our movement and coordination. No maestro, no flow of music.  No dopamine, there's a malfunction of movement.  In people with Parkinson's, we lose dopamine much faster than we should   Every person is affected differently. Some symptoms are tremors, slowness in movement, rigidity, balance and coordination, soft voice and loss of smell. You just watch yourself get worse and worse over time. There is medication and other forms of treating the symptoms, but again, there is NO cure!

We need a cure and this takes money!. I would so appreciate a donation to speed up the process to find a cure for PD. Everyday is a struggle for people with PD. Please help us the fight for the CURE.

Thank you so much!

Barbie Steinfelder 

To donate, please click on the following link:

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"Wishing you success with this event, and much more success with some type of new treatment/cure that resolves this terrible disease"