We crossed Maryland 9.5 times as a team!

Day 1, 10/10 - KICKOFF: 280.54 miles total!
Day 2, 10/11: 170.01 miles for the day, 450.55 miles total!
Day 3, 10/12: 195.49 miles for the day, 646.04 miles total!
Day 4, 10/13: 249.63 miles for the day, 895.67 miles total!
Day 5, 10/14: 365.93 miles for the day, 1261.6 miles total!
Day 6, 10/15: 339.64 miles for the day, 1601.24 miles total!
Day 7, 10/16: 336.84 miles for the day, 1938.08 miles total!
Day 8, 10/17 - FINAL DAY: 445.43 miles for the day, 2383.51 miles total!!!! 

Check out the great spirit
here in our P4P 2020 photo album!

If you participated, be sure to share your photos, too!

***You can still donate through 12/31/2020
to a runner or to the team!***

What is P4P? 

Pacing for Parkinson's (P4P) is a large charity team that in typical years participates in the Baltimore Running Festival. It is a volunteer-led campaign that raises awareness of and funds for Parkinson’s disease (PD) research, community outreach, education, and patient care at Johns Hopkins. The Johns Hopkins Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center provides comprehensive, compassionate, and timely treatment to people living with PD and other movement disorders.

What was P4P Week 2020?
As a virtual event, P4P 2020 encouraged everyone to join us to “race at your own place.” P4P hosted a week of virtual events from Saturday, October 10th - Saturday, October 17th to bring the community “together” and continue our fundraising mission. That week, P4P encouraged team members to “move and shake” wherever they were and in whatever format worked for them (walk, run, ride a bike, paddle board, hopscotch--anything was fair game!) and reported distances (large and small) to P4P. Whether folks did a lap inside their houses or a triathlon, any distance countws as P4P virtually tried to cross the state of Maryland as many times as possible in the name of finding a cure! 
Click here to learn more about the 2020 Virtual P4P event!

I missed P4P Week 2020! Can I still get involved?
Yes! Though P4P Week 2020 is now over and registration is closed,
- You can still donate to the team or to a particular runner,
- You can look through our 2020 photos,
- You can get to know our Parkinson's Warriors,
- You can learn more about the fantastic programs P4P funds support, and
- You can sign up for our newsletter to be in the know for next year!

Questions? Write to us at pacing4parkinsons@gmail.com!
Check out our P4P Week 2020 Kickoff video!